Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Swanson Family Bluegrass Band Website Coming Soon!

New Swanson Family website coming soon, designed by Nashville's Artist to the Stars, Corey Frizzell.

The Frizzell family, most famous for its prominence on the Country Music Charts, is now witnessing the artistic successes of the second generation. Although Corey has siblings following in the Frizzell music footsteps, who have accepted the challenge of emerging from the giant shadow first cast by the family music patriarch, Lefty Frizzell, Corey chose a different path. A path to create his own shadow.

Corey is somewhere in the middle of the six children spanning four decades of Allen Frizzell, former Nashville recording artist and younger brother of the Legendary Lefty Frizzell and Country Star, David Frizzell.

Despite his namesake, Corey has achieved success in areas other than music. He's been a Golden Gloves Boxing Champion, acted in music videos and cast for two roles in the original Stephen King horror movie, Children of The Corn. If that's not interesting enough, he's now, a visual artist in high demand, creating custom portraits, stunning graphics and web design. With royal country music blood running through his veins, Frizzell has come full circle and been named the Artist to The Stars for his artistic collaboration with some of Country Music, Bluegrass and Country Gospel Music's biggest names.

Although his portraits hang on the walls of legendary country music stars, hit song writers and places like the KY Music Hall of Fame, Nashville's Sun Records Museum and the world famous Nashville Palace, Corey is available to anyone interested in owning his one of a kind creations.

Be watching for the new site!

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